Dementia Care in Luzerne, PA

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One of the most difficult parts of caring for a loved one with dementia is the extremely large range of behaviors, needs, and required supports. After all, dementia is not a single disease with a small list of symptoms. While many people may envision somebody with late stage Alzheimer's disease when they think about dementia, the reality is that dementia is a generic term used to describe a degrading of mental and cognitive ability to the degree that it significantly impacts daily life. The most common symptom is memory loss and the most common type of dementia is Alzheimer's disease, but there is an entire spectrum of symptoms with a wide range of severity.

In the early stages, a person may simply have trouble remembering names or forgetting where they placed the remote control. This is quite different from the senior who is hallucinating and lashing out violently.

Dementia Care in Luzerne, PA

Dementia care providers must always be cognizant of one main underlying truth: no senior with dementia is being intentionally stubborn, difficult, angry, or otherwise. The actions and behaviors that are demonstrated are the results of a disease and not a desire to be anti-social. Therefore, those providing dementia care need to stop and evaluate behaviors and actions before they intervene. The desired result should always be calming, reassuring, and re-directive instead of corrective or punitive. Remember, correction and punishment are behavioral science training methods rooted in positive and negative reinforcement. In order for these strategies to work, short and long-term memory must be functional, and when individuals with dementia display inappropriate or embarrassing behavior it is because their ability to remember has been ravaged by their disease.

A second truth that must not be overlooked by those providing dementia care is that your reality may not be theirs. What a person with dementia sees and perceives is very real to them regardless of what others may see or believe. When they look at their spouse and see somebody else, this is their terrifying reality. Instead of arguing with them, try to help them remember. Take out a photo album, talk about old times, or simply try to understand that not being recognized does not equate to being forgotten. Since the short-term memories are often the first to go, the senior may be remembering the way their spouse, relative, or friend looked 10, 20, even 30 years prior.

The most important component of any dementia care is understanding that the disease is not the person. A senior is a human being who needs love and compassion. Spending time with them, holding their hand, reminiscing, and making them feel wanted and appreciated is absolutely essential.

In short, there are many physical chores and tasks associated with dementia care, but none of them are more important than ensuring the senior understands they are valued and loved. 



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