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End of life care is an important part of ensuring seniors age with dignity. After all, a senior who has found out that they have entered their final stretch on this earth often requires different types of care and support than they did in their earlier years. The primary focus of end of life care is a senior's comfort and quality of life. This means providing pain management, social and emotional support, and effective communication.

The Benefits of End of Life Care

Communication is the cornerstone of our care, as no two seniors will view their end in the same way or associate the same meaning with decisions and events. Some seniors may actually look forward to passing, others may be quite fearful of what is to come. Some will pass quickly and painlessly, but others may linger for months and face daily pain. While one senior may relish quiet and solitude, perhaps visiting with a few close family members and friends, another may wish to have a major celebration of life with as many people as possible.

Seniors also have different views on pain management, physical care, spiritual issues, and the performance of practical tasks. An important part of our care is making certain that the senior's wishes are heard and valued.

End of life care is also for the family members. After all, the passing of a loved one is not an easy emotion to deal with. Watching a loved one fade away and take daily steps toward that end is no less troubling. Grief counselors help family members and seniors deal with feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, and loss. They also help the family members know what to say, since many seniors end up feeling quite alone when their loved ones avoid them or stop visiting - not knowing what to say or do.

End of life care is also about ensuring a senior receives companionship. Often, there is nothing to say, but a simple touch says a thousand words.

Comfort Keepers personnel take the time to get to know your senior loved one so they understand their likes and dislikes, cares, and desires. Often, it is the little things that make a big difference. Do they want the lights on, low, or even off? Do they want soft music? If so, what kind or who? What do they want displayed in the home? How do they want to be presented?

In short, end of life care is about dignity, respect, and quality of life as defined by the senior. If your senior loved one could use care and support during their time of need, Comfort Keepers can help.



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