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Could your senior loved one benefit from home health care in Mountain Top, PA?

Comfort Keepers in Mountain Top, PA has built a reputation as one of the nations most trusted home health care services providers. We help family caregivers expand the range of services and care available to your senior loved one. Our expertise in specialized areas of care such as Alzheimer’s care, transitioning home care, and end of life care enables us to vastly improve the experience of your senior loved one in old age.

The American Psychological Association (APA) found that the proportion of older adults needing assistance with daily activities increases with age. For example, at ages 65 to 69, only 9% of adults need personal assistance. As adults grow, however, this percentage increases. At ages above 85, over 50% of adults need assistance. When you need home health care in Mountain Top, PA, you can turn to us to provide care services that significantly improve the quality of life of your senior loved one.

Comfort Keepers in Mountain Top, PA, emerged out of Marlin Duncan’s struggle to find professional home care for his in-law, who lived 3000 miles away. When he found top quality care in Comfort Keepers, Marlin Duncan then decided he had to get involved in bringing such a level of care to senior loved ones around Mountain Top, PA as well. The result is that you can now find dedicated, professional care that has been proven, and your senior loved one can access our services close at home.

Mountain Top, PA Home Health Care

At Comfort Keepers, our individualized plan for your senior loved one helps deliver the highest level of in home care. We attend to all medical instructions and appointments, ensuring your senior loved one adheres to medical instructions. If there are medications your senior loved one has to take, we help them take these on time and in the right dosages.

We provide the full range of home health care services, such as hygienic assistance, bathing, preparing nutritious meals, laundry as well as respite care for family caregivers. When your senior loved one needs to do shopping at Wyoming Valley Mall, Laurel Mall or other places around Mountain Top, PA, we drive them every place they need to go.

To learn more about the in home care services available to your senior loved one, contact us or call (570) 486-6492 to schedule a free in home consultation.


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