Palliative Care vs. End of Life Care in Mountain Top, PA

Palliative Care & End of Life Care in Mountain Top, PA - What’s the Difference?

When a person reaches the end of his or her life, everything changes. This includes the kind of healthcare he or she receives. Instead of taking on approaches intended to prolong life, the goal is now to help maximize the quality of life that he or she has left. After all, we all wish to die with dignity.

Palliative Care in Mountain Top, PA

Also known as comfort care, palliative care seeks to maximize the level of comfort of a patient who may be suffering from an illness or injury. The goal is to lessen that suffering while he or she is recovering from the condition causing it. This kind of care can be taken alongside any medical treatment or therapies to help facilitate the recovery. When the condition progresses to becoming terminal, the goal shifts to eliminating pain for the duration of the person’s life.

End of Life Care in Mountain Top, PA

Sadly, some conditions turn for the worse and become terminal. When this happens, people must make the difficult decision of giving up curative treatment and starting with end of life care. From here, the person is prepared for the inevitable by affording him or her with a dignified death that everybody deserves.

From here, we cover the ABCD’s of dying, namely Attitude, Behavior, Compassion, and Dialogue. This is important because the attempt at giving the loved one a dignified death must be nuanced to his or her personal beliefs of life and death. Things like culture, religion, status, and even family situation must be factored into the end of life care so that the patient truly lives the rest of his or her life with dignity.

We at Comfort Keepers know how difficult it must be to face the reality of losing a loved one, and we’re here to help. Our caregivers are ready to help you get through these difficult times by facilitating communication between parties to come to terms with the inevitable as well as providing compassion to the senior loved one as he or she lives the rest of his or her life. Our goal is to make sure that your senior loved one’s days are as painless, comfortable, and most importantly, meaningful as possible.

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