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Seniors & Dementia: Wilkes-Barre, PA Home Healthcare Advice

Jun 13, 2017 by Marlin Duncan

Seniors go through a set of changes, both physically and mentally. They start losing their physical strength and most of them tend to start losing their memory over time. One of the most common health conditions that affect the senior population is dementia. If you are a home healthcare provider in Wilkes Barre, PA, you should know about dementia. This condition is characterized by the drastic decline in mental capacity. Your loved one may suffer persistent memory loss if they have dementia.

Home healthcare tips for caring for a senior with dementia

Understand dementia

First, understand that dementia leads to gradual memory loss. Your senior loved on may forget many things, even some that happened just a few hours ago. The condition also makes seniors more confused by daily activities. You should understand that these changes are because of dementia. 


Put yourself in their position

Sometimes the best way of dealing with dementia is by putting yourself their situation. Ty to view life in their perspective. Many seniors who suffer from dementia have an assumption that they are a burden to everyone around them. Some even feel embarrassed of being taken care of at their prime age and will not cooperate as expected. Cases of seniors becoming ungrateful and abusive to home healthcare providers are not rare. By viewing life from a senior's perspective, you will be able to devise new techniques that you will use to communicate and care for the senior with dementia.


Be responsive to their memory loss

Seniors who have dementia may have endless questions. Loss of memory can be attributed to this behavior. Try to respond to them in a calm and loving manner. In addition to answering their questions, you can engage the senior in a conversation that is related to the topic.


Calm your nerves

A senior with dementia can be quite challenging to care for. No matter how much your love them, there may be times when you want to lose your patience. Again, put yourself in their position. The worst thing you can do is get upset with them. Be patient and do not react to any situation at hand. Remember, it is not their fault they have dementia.


For more information on specialized dementia care and our home healthcare services available to your senior loved one, contact us or call (570) 486-6492 to schedule a free in home-consultation.


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