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Home Health Services Help Seniors That Need To Quit Smoking

Jun 22, 2017 by Marlin Duncan

Seniors who smoke know that they are increasing their risk of serious health problems like lung cancer, COPD, heart attack and stroke. But if they have been smoking for many years it may be extremely difficult for them to quit. They also might have the attitude that at this point in their lives the smoking can’t hurt them. But it still can cause major health problems and even death.

The benefits of quitting smoking for seniors start immediately. Within 24 hours of quitting seniors get healthier. The carbon monoxide level drops and heart rate drops too. In as little as two weeks after quitting smoking a smoker’s lungs begin to recover and the risk of heart attack drops dramatically. If your senior loved one is still smoking there are many reasons to quit and our home health services is here to help.

Why Seniors Smoke

Seniors who still smoke do so for many reasons. Some are just so used to smoking they can’t quit. Some don’t really want to quit. Others use cigarettes to combat boredom and loneliness. Still others may be trying to cope with emotional issues like the loss of a loved one or friend or their own reaction to getting older. Understanding why your senior loved one smokes will help you help them to quit smoking.

How To Help A Senior Quit Smoking

If you want your senior loved one to quit smoking the best thing you can do is help eliminate the triggers that cause them to want a cigarette. In many cases the triggers are more emotional than physical. Your loved one may want a cigarette first thing in the morning or after a meal because it’s habit. But it’s really emotional stress that will make them feel like they need a cigarette.

Home health services can help your senior loved one quit smoking. A home caregiver can take away some of the emotional triggers that make smoking seem like a good idea. A caregiver can provide companionship and conversation so that your loved one won’t feel so lonely or isolated. Home health aides can also provide distraction during the times when your loved one smokes out of habit. By suggesting a walk after a meal or diverting their attention to a game or craft instead of a cigarette a caregiver can encourage your loved one to quit smoking.

If you have a senior loved one that smokes in Wilkes Barre, PA contact one of our home health services support experts today to find out more about smoking cessation for seniors.  

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